Customer Reviews Help Roofing Contractors Close More Deals


Customer Reviews Help Roofing Contractors Close More Deals

Customer Reviews Help Contractors Solidify their Reputation and Close More Deals

Good Reviews Help Contractors Sell more Projects:

There’s a lot of research that suggests when people have the opportunity to leave an honest review about their experience with a business or service they like, they take advantage. Customer reviews are essential for improving your reputation and solidifying it even further in the marketplace. In fact there is research that suggests customers who read online reviews tend to spend more money and recommend the product or service to others.

While there are tons of ways you could improve your customer reviews, such as improving your response time, being more transparent with your customers as well as providing better products and services , we’ve found that the best way to get a lot of reviews is by selling more projects. The reason for this is simply because the more projects you sell, the more positive experiences your clients will have and the more likely they’ll be to leave a review all about it.

Ask Every Customer to Review Your Performance:

So how to get more customers’ feedback online?  Of course you can ask your clients for feedback, but it is not necessary all of them will write something about your services. After all, not everyone has time and patient for writing reviews. So here are some tips on how you can increase the number of online customers’ reviews for your business:

Write a friendly e-mail to everyone you know (past clients) and ask them to leave feedback about your company. If they liked the job you did, make sure they will tell others about it, so other people can find out how satisfied previous clients were. Ask current clients if they are willing to recommend your company. They will be happy if they have an opportunity to express their opinion as well. Put a short survey on your website and ask clients about their experience working with your company. Ask them why they chose you or why not.

You can also offer some kind of reward, for example the first 10 customers may win one free service of their choice. If you are a member of local Chamber of Commerce, ask the members to leave feedback about your business. You can start with your existing customers. Call or mail them and ask how happy they were working with you, why they gave you a chance and what else do they want from an HVAC contractor. Offer them free services if they will be willing to take time and leave you valuable feedback.

Ask Customers to Leave the Review Directly On Your Website:

All of our websites come with an automated testimonial system that allows your customers to leave a review directly on your site. This makes the review your property, and keeps companies from manipulating your reviews by hiding good reviews until you pay them.

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