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If your company's focus will be to extend your rankings by working on search engine optimization, starting with one of our custom sites will be your best bet. Each of our Custom Roofing Websites begin with one of our available templates, and we write every word from scratch so that you don't have to. Couple one of our custom site designs with an ongoing SEO package and begin your journey to the top of the search rankings in your area.


From $2499

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50% Deposit
Balance Due Upon Completion
$39.99/Mo. Hosting

Completion Time: 4-5 Weeks

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Multiple Custom Website Options for All Budgets


Custom Roofing Website Options

When you are looking for the best chances of getting your new roofing website to rank well, our custom sites are the very best option. Using one of our beautiful templates, we write 100% of the content of your site from scratch using language and techniques designed to make the search engines take notice.

Additionally, we will install special SEO components that will ensure that your website has the very best shot at getting to those top positions. Don't hesitate to call us with any questions you may have. We'll be happy to walk you through the process and help you get started today. These sites take a bit longer to get up and running, but it is well worth the wait.

Custom Roofing Website Pricing:

Contractor Startup

$ 2499
  • 7-10 Pages
  • We Write All Content
  • "The Worx" SEO Setup
  • Update Training Included
  • $39.99/Mo. Hosting

Contractor Plus

$ 395 / month
  • 7-10 Pages
  • ☆ We Write All Content
  • Fully Managed Website!
  • Unlimited Changes!
  • ☆ "Free Theme Change Every 2 Years!
  • ☆ "The Worx" SEO Setup
  • ☆ Plugin Licenses included
  • ☆ Maintenance Included
  • ☆ Hosting Included

Contractor Advanced

$ 3299
  • 20 Pages Included
  • ☆ We Write All Content ☆
  • "The Worx" SEO Setup
  • Stock Photos Available
  • $39.99/Mo. Hosting

Contractor Max

$ 4999
  • 40 Pages Included
  • ☆ We Write All Content ☆
  • "The Worx" SEO Setup
  • Stock Photos Available
  • $39.99/Mo. Hosting

Choose One of The Templates Below for Your New Custom Roofing Website


View Sample Websites:

X1 Template

X2 Template

X3 Template

X4 Template

X5 Template

X6 Template


More Information About Custom Roofing Websites

While most of the content for our roofing websites are pre-written for your convenience, it is always better to utilize completely original content for search engine optimization. The custom written roofing websites shown below provide a built-from-scratch solution for those contractors who wish to capture more searches in their area. We will build a brand-new, all-original roofing website based on one of our current templates, and write every word to be tailored for your company and area.

Why Choose RoofWebs?

You will find no other web design company that knows more about, or is more entrenched in the roofing industry. We constantly stay abreast of the latest products, services and techniques so that we know your business almost as well as you do. When we start any new custom roofing website, our goal is to tailor that site to the company, but also make it as easy to navigate and get answers as possible, with a focus on getting that customer to contact you.

What is "The Worx" SEO Setup?

We have developed a suite of components that will help with your search engine optimization dramatically. We set up everything you'll need to optimize your SEO efforts, and then maintain those components going forward. We will also show you how to use them properly to gain maximum exposure for the articles you may add yourself in the future.

Why Should I Order Ongoing Weekly Updates?

Remember: A static website is a dying website.

We find that over 95% of our clients simply do not have the time or do not make the effort to update their site regularly. Adding one of our "Ongoing SEO" packages to a custom website design means that your site is on "auto-pilot" with new, fresh content added regularly. This content is written specifically for your company to increase your site's search relevance for the products/services you offer, and the area in which you work.

What's the Process?

At RoofWebs, we always want to make it simple for our contractor clients, and our custom roofing websites are no exception. Custom websites take longer to develop but we assure you that it is worth the wait to give your company the very best chance of success. On average, our custom roofing websites take 8-10 weeks to build from the time we have all of your information. Please plan for this additional time accordingly. Call us today at 800-761-3560 and we'll walk you through every detail.

Ongoing SEO Packages Available

For ongoing SEO efforts, consider adding one of our "Basic," "Half-Max," or "Max" Ongoing SEO Packages. You will receive ongoing search engine optimization and new content added to your site every week, or even daily. To maximize your impact with a custom written roofing website, call us about your options today.

Step 1:

Choose A Template

Look through our five sample sites to find the template you like best. Remember that we'll change the colors to match your company, so all templates are an option. 

Step 2:

Choose A Series

Choose a series (Silver - Elite) that works best for your company and budget. The main differences are the number of pages, but be sure to compare all options.

Step 3:

Pay Deposit

Simply pay the deposit for the series you wish to purchase. We'll send over further instructions, including your online questionnaire and next steps. 

Step 4:

Send Your Info

You'll fill out an online questionnaire and send us a copy of your logo and we'll get started. And if you have them, send us about ten photos to start.

Still have questions? Contact us today!