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RoofWebs Licensure Information

Each purchase of a RoofWebs Series website entitles you to one instance of the website on one domain name, but you may also forward multiple domain names to the one instance of the site. You are not allowed to copy or create other instances of the site on any other domain or sub-domain. Selling or distributing copies of the website or any portion of the content is strictly forbidden.

Copying Content Is Illegal

The content contained within this website and all of our sample sites was written by 5443 Media employees and is subject to United States Copyright Law.

Copy and Paste is Stealing:

The content that is written by an individual or company has often be painstakingly prepared and is not to be copied and pasted into your own website. It is considered theft and will not be tolerated.

Stealing Content? You will be caught:

Copyright violations are so rampant on the internet, there are now services that specialize in notifying site owners if any information on their site is copied. Due to overwhelming abuse, RoofWebs has been forced to utilize these services to protect our content. If you are copying our content, we will receive a notification that our content has been used elsewhere.

We will act:

While it is unfortunate, we must protect our interests and act on any violation against our copyrights. This includes legal remedies provided by federal law.

Manufacturer's Logos and Content:

Logos, content and photos provided by product manufacturers are owned by the respective company.

If you have questions regarding this policy, contact us in advance of purchase.