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Pay Per Click for Roofers

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Not All PPC Management is The Same

Not even close. If you have tried PPC campaigns in the past, or are completely new to the concept, you should be aware that not all PPC management is created equally. RoofWebs is dedicated to generating as many quality leads as possible for your ad-spend, without using any automated systems that guess about user search intentions.


Much of the PPC Management industry are simply "click-mills" that set up campaigns and use automation to get as many clicks as possible, but on the whole those campaigns don't work well, and they spend large portions of your budget on clicks for searches that don't apply to your services. Our expertise in the roofing and contracting industry allows us to approach it from a different angle. We focus our PPC campaigns with laser targeting to maximize the clicks you want, which results in higher quality leads.


The RoofWebs Difference:

  • Dedicated Account & Campaign Manager
  • An actual person monitors and adjusts your account daily.
  • We know roofing, and we know how your customers search.
  • We do not use automated campaigns, which saves your ad spend.
  • We evaluate what is working for your competitors and use that information to compete more effectively.
  • Exclusive Territories. We DO NOT EVER have competing accounts.
  • Quick adjustments for storm response advertising.
  • All conversions are tracked, whether it is contact form or phone calls.
  • We listen to your needs and promote your most profitable services first.
  • We find niche keywords that generate leads and save you money.
  • And more...

Have a Storm in Your Area? We're On It.

We offer quick response to storms that roll through your area to adjust your bidding and ad copy, to zero in on hail, high wind and other storm events.

Offer More than Just Roofing? No Problem.

We understand that most roofing contractors offer much more than just roofing. Due to the nature of our dedicated account managers, we also handle your other services as well.

Exclusive Territories

We are dedicated to never manage competing accounts. Your territory is your territory as long as you are a client.

Exclusive Territories!
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PPC Management Pricing:

Monthly Ad Spend:

$ 3,500 - $9,999
  • Agency Fees - 25%

Monthly Ad Spend:

$ 10,000 - $19,999
  • Agency Fees - 25%

Monthly Ad Spend:

Over $20,000
  • Agency Fees - 20%

Ad-Spend Details: The actual cost of your advertising clicks will be paid directly to the ad network on which the ads run. You will provide credit card details for these transactions, and billing limits, dates and totals will be billed directly to your card. Each ad network has different parameters for billing dates, and thresholds may be different on each platform. No worries though, we will provide this information when requested.

Agency Fee Details: Minimum monthly agency fee of $875 will be billed at the time your account is set up. At the end of each monthly period we will assess your ad spend and bill any additional charges as necessary. If your ad-spend falls below $3500, the minimum agency fee still applies for that month. Additional fees may apply if additional work is requested, but we will always notify you of these fees in advance.