Avg. Site Completion Time:
8.4 Business Days*


Our Platinum Plus Series website is for those who need more pages to cover services that might not be covered with our Platinum Sites.

Enjoy the power of our Platinum Series with the additional service pages you need to capture more customers searching for a contractor.

Platinum Plus Website Options

Fully Managed

$345 /Month

  • $345 To Start
  • $345 Monthly
  • 56 Page Website
  • Pre-Written Content
  • Completed Quickly
  • ☆ Unlimited Updates
  • ☆ Free Theme Change Every 2 Years
  • ☆ Hosting Included

Self Managed


  • $900 Deposit
  • $899 Due Upon Completion
  • 56 Page Website
  • Pre-Written Content
  • Completed Quickly
  • Free Website Owner's Guide
  • Training Videos Included
  • $40/Month Hosting

Fully Managed or Self Managed?

Find the Perfect Template For Your New Site

More Information About Platinum Plus Series Websites

You know how hard you've worked, how far you've come. Now is the time to show your customers that you demand quality and will bring it to them in every project you undertake. Step up to Platinum Plus to give them all of the information they need to make a good decision about hiring you.

Promoting yourself as THE ROOFING AUTHORITY in your area begins with our Platinum Plus or Elite Websites. You will gain instant credibility, especially compared to the websites your competitors are using. Now is the time to rise to the top and win over the customers you have worked so hard for.

The Very Best Value We Offer
With a total of 56 pages included, our Platinum Plus option gives you an extra 20 pages above Platinum for only $20 more per page. This is an incredible value and gives you those extra pages to put you over the top. Your customers will be impressed with the sheer amount of information they can find on your site.

More Pages = Better SEO
Generally speaking, more pages makes your SEO efforts easier. They give your customers more pages to land on should they be searching for a product or service you offer. By having a separate page for each of the services you provide, those landing pages are indexed and are more likely to draw searches to your site. With 56 pages to work with, we can highlight all or most of the services you provide, making those rankings easier to attain.

"The Worx" SEO Components Included
Included with the Platinum Series and above are all of the extra SEO components we use for our ongoing SEO options, and we will teach you to use them in our training videos. This will give your site the best chance of gaining in the search rankings, and then help you track how your site is doing. This is a $299 value included with your site at no extra cost!

One Free HD Video
When you order one of our Platinum Website or above, we will throw in an HD Video from our video options page at no extra charge. We will add your logo and contact information to the video and then post it into your new website. This will help your search rankings, and go that extra step to help your customers choose your company for their next roofing project.

Flexible Payments Available
To help make your new roofing website affordable, we now offer no-credit check flexible payment options to ensure that your new website fits into your budget comfortably. See our Flexible Payment option page for more details.

Platinum Plus is Our Best Value Roofing Website!
Upgrading to Platinum Plus websites adds another 20 pages and saves you a great deal of money. Normally, extra pages cost $59 each, and you will get those extra 20 pages for only $20/each! This option is only available on our Platinum Series, and the Platinum Plus site brings your total page count up to 56, giving your customers more chances to find you.

Add Photos to your Website - From The Jobsite!
Take a photo using the app on your smartphone and it will automatically show up on your website! There is no easier or more effective way to keep your photo gallery up to date.

Platinum is Now a "Perfect Fit" Site
We recently changed the way our Platinum Site design works. There are now six base pages that come with every Platinum site, then you choose the other 50 pages you wish to include! This means you can get the exact website that your company needs to present itself perfectly. Or if you would rather let us choose the pages we think best fit your needs, we will be happy to do so.

Contractors Love This Site:
Our Platinum Series contains enough pages for most contractors, and provides a great starting point to gaining search ranking in your area. And you can always add more pages later, or daily if you like!

Free Training to Give you An Edge:
We constantly encourage our customers to add more and more content to their own websites. For that reason, we offer free training and support after the sale to ensure that your site is growing and benefiting your business. If you can send an email, we can easily teach you how to update your site. And we will keep checking on your site to make sure that you are doing updates correctly and will be happy to offer advice on future updates.

Social Media Injected Roofing Website:
More and more roofing contractors are benefiting from creative use of social media products. In many cases we are able to add your social media account information to your site in a way that keeps your users on your website and engages them without sending them to another site. This is crucial when designing a new roofing website so that they make contact with you first.

Roofing Website that Grows with Your Business:
Platinum Websites are infinitely expandable so that as you add more and more content, your site will place it appropriately and allow the site to grow. All of our sites are database driven, and the database can handle just about anything you throw at it. Getting to the top of the search rankings is a breeze as you continue to add to your roofing site.

Mobile Roofing Website Template Included:
You have the option to allow your new roofing website show a mobile version of your content each time a user comes to your site from a mobile device. The Platinum Series will automatically detect those users and serve the mobile template for speed and to adjust for their screen size.

Platinum Plus has More Automated Components:
We recently added more components to our Platinum Plus sites to automate some of the common tasks that would require your time to complete. Customers can now leave automated reviews of your company on your site, and all you need to do is approve them. You can upload videos and photos to Youtube and Flickr and they will automatically show up on your website. This is made much easier by apps contained in smartphones that help you automate these tasks on the fly.

Our First "Perfect Fit" Website:
We realize that you probably provide services other than roofing. We recently added many more page options to cover all of the services you provide. Your Platinum Series site comes with 36 pages total, and you can choose from over 1000 pages!

Integrated Information Keeps Customers Attention:
The worst possible scenario is a customer leaving your site before they take the time to contact you. For that reason, our Platinum website contains all of the information your customer needs without linking to manufacturer sites, where they may find another contractor. This is a huge advantage.

The Process:
Once your deposit is paid for this site, simply submit your info here. You will email your logo (if you have one) and any photos that you would like included in your gallery. If you have no photos, we will use stock photography supplied by the manufacturers of the products you install.

Once we get started, we will almost certainly have some questions for you along the way, so check your email and voicemail and get back to us with answers to our questions. We will write all of the content for the site, and you can always make changes when necessary.

How long will it take?
That depends greatly on how quickly you get us the information we need. The faster you get us everything we need, the faster your site will be completed. Times can also vary depending on how many sites are in front of you, but typically it takes around ten business days to complete.

Are you Giving Your Customers Away?

Stop Sending Your Customers to Manufacturer Websites.

Sending your customers to manufacturer websites to see shingle styles and colors can be a costly mistake. Manufacturers offer a wealth of information, but as soon as your customers land on their site they are prompted to search for a contractor in their area. Keep your customers right where you want them - on your website.

We Include Shingle Styles and Colors On Your Site

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How Does It Work?

RoofWebs knows website design, and the roofing industry. For the last 15 years, we have provided the very best roofing websites for contractors across the United States and Canada, and we make the process as simple as possible for you. Follow the steps below, and in no time you will have a new website that you will be proud to show off.


Choose A RoofWebs Template

RoofWebs offers multiple template options to ensure that you get the look and feel you want for your new website. Be sure to check out each template on your computer, phone and a tablet to see the responsive nature of each.

The stock photos included in each template can be used, or those images can be exchanged for photos of your actual work. Colors contained in the site are usually based on your logo, but feel free to direct us if you wish to use others.


Pay Deposit For Your New Site

When you are ready to get us started, place the deposit for the website you have chosen via our website, or feel free to call and we can do it over the phone.

The deposit for Self Managed Websites are approximately 50% of your total, with the balance due upon completion.

To order a Fully Managed Website, you simply pay the first month of your subscription, and we'll bill you for future monthly payments.


Submit Your Info & Files

Once you have paid your deposit, begin filling out our online questionnaire. Try to be a thorough as possible, telling us as much about your company as you can. If there is information you do not have available, you can always save your progress and go back to finish later.

The online questionnaire allows you to upload your logo files, as well as photos for your gallery and testimonials if you have those to add.


We'll Get Started

Once your information has been submitted, we will go over everything to ensure that we have all that we need to get started. As we build your site, we may have some questions along the way, so keep an eye on your email and respond as quickly as possible.

Once completed, we'll upload your site and send a link for viewing. You'll submit any changes you wish to have made and we'll update it prior to launch.


Website Launch Day

Once you are ready to launch your new site, simply send a request via email and we'll take care of pointing your domain to the new site, or we can show you how to do it yourself.

Domain names usually resolve in a few hours, but sometimes this process can take 24-48 hours to fully propagate. This time depends on where you purchased your domain, and we have no control over the time it takes.



Website Owner's Manual Included

If you choose a Self-Managed Website, we've got you covered. In addition to our training videos, our Website's Owner's Manual will walk you through all of the details of keeping your site updated and secure.

Still have questions? Contact us today!