Avg. Website Completion Time:
5.7 Business Days*
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Hourly Rates:

Hourly rates are paid in two ways. We offer a half hour service for $99 and one hour service for $180. The number of hours can be changed on the hourly rate payment to suit your needs. If you are paying for a quote of multiple hours of work, please fill in the appropriate number of hours for your project.

Other Payments:

If you have been instructed to make a payment for various amounts, please use this option and choose the appropriate amount. If we do not know why this payment is being made, we may refund it. Be sure to tell us why you are sending this payment. NOTE: Is it possible to add more than one of these items to your shopping cart before checking out.

Minimum Charge Payment:

Sometimes a small addition or change to your website does not require a full half-hour charge. If you are told to make a "Minimum Charge Payment," click here and make your payment. The amount is $20 and will be assessed each time we are asked to open your site to make a change for you. Do not use this link unless you have been asked to do so.

Note: If RoofWebs controls your domain name, you will need to renew it annually. Choose the first option in this case. If your payment is a different amount annually, check the email you received from us for further instructions. Incorrect payment amounts may complicate your account balance. In the event of an incorrect payment amount, no refunds of additional monies will be provided. Additional time will be calculated and will change your annual due date.