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Manufacturer Integration


Never, Ever Send Your Customers
to Manufacturer Websites to Find Info.

Links Away From Your Website Cost You Money.

We understand that is it tempting to link to manufacturer websites to show that you install their products, but it is one of the worst mistakes that contractors make. Think of it this way: You had a potential customer on your website, they click a link about a certain product and are taken to a manufacturer website. At this point they are no longer on your site, and almost 100% of the time they will be asked for their ZIP code so that the manufacturer can recommend contractors in their area.

You just lost that customer.

Once they have left your site, most potential customers won't bother to go back, and the money you spent building a site, advertising and getting them there is lost.

How Do We Solve The Problem?

At RoofWebs, we believe that by having manufacturer information firmly on your own website means there is no need to link to any manufacturers, and you keep your customer engaged on your website long enough for them to contact you. And ultimately there is no larger goal for any website. We integrate manufacturer information about most products into our websites so that your customers have no need to go anywhere other than your site. This increases the odds tremendously that they will contact you for an estimate and not be lost to pointless linking that costs you money every time someone clicks away from your site.


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