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Blog & Project Updates


Update Your Project Pages and Show Off Your Work!

Sure, showing pictures of your past projects is great, but having an entire page dedicated to each project, along with a description and multiple photos will "WOW" your customers, and search engines will soak up that content. Keep growing your site with project pages and show off your most notable work, especially the projects that anyone in your community will recognize. Here you can buy one update, or bundles to save even more.

Single Project Page

$ 79
  • Single Project Added to Your Site
  • Description, Photos, More
  • You Send Info, We Build It

5 Project Pages

$ 349
  • 5 Project Pages Added to Your Site
  • Show Off Your Work
  • Descriptions/Photos

10 Project Pages

$ 599
  • 5 Project Updates Added
  • Detailed Info/Photos Included
  • Buy In Bulk to Save

25 Project Pages

$ 1229
  • 25 Projects Added to Your Site
  • Buy More / Save More!
  • Best Value!


Add Ongoing Blog Updates so Your Site Continues to Grow

A static website is a dying website. More and more roofers are understanding that in order to increase SEO, you must update your website regularly with content that is relevant to your area and the products and services you provide. The options below keep fresh content, written specifically for your company, added to your site on regular intervals so that search engines take notice. We know it's hard to find the time to update your blog, and now you can let us handle it for you.

4 Blogs Per Month

$ 149 / month
  • 4 Basic Blog Posts Added Monthly
  • Optimized for Location and Services
  • Released 4 Times Monthly
  • Length: 400-500 Words /ea
  • One Stock Image / Post

10 Blogs Per Month

$ 499 / month
  • 10 Blog Posts Added Monthly
  • Keep Your Site Growing
  • New Content to Help with SEO
  • Length: 400-500 Words /ea
  • One Stock Image / Post

20 Blogs Per Month

$ 999 / month
  • 20 New Blogs Posted Monthly
  • Your Site Content Always Growing
  • Extremely SEO Friendly
  • Length: 400-500 Words /ea
  • One Stock Image / Post

30 Blog Posts Per Month

$ 1499 / month
  • 30 New Blog Posts Added Monthly
  • Maximize Your SEO Efforts
  • Saves Time & Increases Traffic
  • Length: 400-500 Words /ea
  • One Stock Image / Post

The Basic Blog Updates shown above are regularly released depending on the frequency chosen, and consist of around 400-500 words of text written specifically for the areas you target and the products and services you provide. We can also handle larger blog projects with custom written text, so call today to discuss your needs.


Long-Form Blog Posts:

Research shows that Long-Form Blog Posts have the most meaningful impact on search rankings and are shared more often than shorter blog posts. The "sweet spot" for longer blog posts is between 2400-2500 words, and include multiple images and a wealth of information for search engines to index.

One Long-Form Blog Post

$ 399 / Each
  • One Long-Form Blog Post
  • Optimized for Location and Services
  • Length: 2400-2500 Words
  • 5-7 Images Per Post

3 Long-Form Post Per Month

$ 999 / month
  • 3 Long-Form Blog Posts Added Monthly
  • Maximize Your SEO Efforts
  • Length: 2400-2500 Words Each
  • 5-7 Images Per Post

Complex, Article-Style Blog Posts Available. Call for More Information.