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Video Reinforces Your Brand
and Sells More Projects.

Pre-Designed Videos

$ 149
  • We Add Your Logo/Contact Info
  • Multiple Options
  • Lower-Cost than Custom Options
  • Voice-Over Included

Custom Video Filmed At Your Location

$ 1999 + Travel
  • Filmed At Your Location
  • We Visit Your Jobsite
  • Interview Included
  • Custom Voice-Over
  • Designed From Scratch

Filmed in Houston, TX

$ 499
  • Within 50 Miles of Downtown Houston
  • Jobsite Filming
  • Interview Included
  • Voice-Over Included

Pre-Designed Video Samples:

Video Option 1:

Residential / Commercial

Video Option 2:

Residential / Commercial

Video Option 3:

All Exteriors Focus


Video Option 4:

Storm Damage Focus


Video Option 5:

Metal Roofing Focus


Video Option 6:

Siding Focus


Custom Video Filmed At Your Location:

Let us generate a custom quote for you today. Generally speaking, we charge $1999 for shooting and editing the video itself, plus any travel expenses involved. Travel expenses include the cost of flights, rental car, lodging, meals and fuel. Most shoots take about two days, and no more than 4 hours per day. We will make all arrangements and the actual cost will be billed, and must be paid in advance. Costs may increase depending on your desire for special effects, distance traveled, proximity to a major airport, and the time and complexity of shooting your video. Remember that scheduling your shoot in advance may save on travel expenses. We will be happy to speak with you regarding your needs. Call us to learn more!

Universal Truth: Video Sells.

  • 72% of people are likely to purchase your product or service after watching a video. (Wharton School of Business)
  • Video on your website makes your site 6 times more likely to convert a browsing customer to a paying customer (Forrester Research)
  • 20% of web visitors will read the majority of the text but 80% will watch a video (Forrester Research).
  • Videos are 53 times more likely to come on Google's first page. (Forrester Research)