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Current Avg. Completion Time for Silver through Elite: 7.2 Business Days
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Step 4: Send Us Your Info

Use the information below to send us your information.

We Appreciate Your Business!

Now that you have reached Step 4, please fill out the form on the right so that we can begin building your account files. Over the next few hours you will receive email with step-by-step instructions on what to submit and how to do so. Be on the lookout for emails from 5443 Media, and follow the steps included.

We will Send More Info Shortly After Your Deposit And The Information To The Right is Received:

Within a few hours (during business hours) we will email a questionnaire and a detailed checklist of items we will need from you, along with information about where to send them.

In the meantime, you may want to begin collecting the following:

  • High resolution copy of your logo. The original files can be sent and we can go through them all to pick the best. The best are the original files with a transparent background. Acceptable files can be .eps, .psd, .png, .pdf, and as a last resort .jpg. We will let you know if your logo will work once we have a chance to check it.
  • 5-10 Photos from your jobsites. Please only send photos that you have taken with your camera and of jobs you have completed. Do not take images/photos from the internet and send them to us. This is a copyright violation and we will not place them on any website we design.
  • Email links to your social media accounts. When you send links, make sure they are direct links to your accounts. We will double-check them, but we need the actual links, not just account names. And no, we do not need your usernames/passwords.
  • Direct Links to BBB information. You may consider adding your BBB information in linked form, but we discourage you linking to outside websites from your own. This is to keep your customers on your site as long as possible. Note: The BBB, in most cases, requires you to submit a link they have given you if you wish to show their logo.

Once Your Deposit is Paid, Submit This form:

We will begin setting up your account and send you more information shortly after you have submitted this information.

We are looking forward to working with you on your new website. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us at 800-761-3560.

Licensing Information

Each purchase of a RoofWebs Series website entitles you to one instance of the website on one domain name, but you may also forward multiple domain names to the one instance of the site. You are not allowed to copy or create other instances of the site on any other domain or sub-domain. Selling or distributing copies of the website or content is strictly forbidden. For more information on licensing extra copies for multiple office locations within your company, click here.