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Our forwarded numbers are simply a phone number that can be forwarded to any other number you desire. We have thousands of phone numbers at our disposal, so we almost certainly have local numbers for you.

Forwarded phone numbers are a great value at only $60/year or $5.99 monthly. And there is no limit to how many numbers you can forward into one line. So if you have multiple operations in multiple cities, forwarded numbers may be exactly what you need.

There is no contract, no credit check and no cancellation fee. If you no longer need the number, just let us know.

No Devices to Buy!

Forwarded Toll-Free Numbers Available!

Expand in the future:

When your company grows, we can always convert your forwarded number to a full-service line from which you can place calls, get voicemail, etc.


John owns a company that is going to expand operations into a new area. He calls RoofRebs and we set up a dedicated phone number that we either forward into his main company line or his cell phone. And at any time he can change where it is being forwarded, or upgrade to a full-service line with all the options.