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Roofwebs is currently testing our new Live-Chat option for your roofing website. This system allows you to chat directly with the visitors of your site, and you can have this option on every page or just some of them. You will have the opportunity to ask your website visitors if they have questions in real-time, and answer their questions from your computer, tablet or smartphone. This new chat function is completely integrated within your website and increases your ability to capture opportunities to bid new projects.

Mobile Apps:

Our mobile app means that you do not need to stay in the office to chat with your website visitors. When a customer has a question, your phone will notify you and you can answer directly from the app. You stay mobile, and your customers get answers quickly!

Engage Customers For Better Response:

Studies show that websites with chat functions perform much better than sites without. Customers feel as if you are there to help and that they are more important. Our chat function allows you to directly engage customers, or simply wait for them to ask for help.

Extended Customer Tracking:

The desktop software allows you to view detailed information about what page your customers are currently viewing and a unique view of all the pages they viewed while on your site. This will help you pinpoint the efforts that are working and which may not be.

What does it cost?

Roofwebs specializes in keeping the costs low for our customers. The new chat option will cost $99 to set up and $9.99 per month in addition to your hosting fees. We will customize the graphics and your logo will show in the chat box to promote your brand.

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