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Stop Buying Forms! Save Money and Time

MBid Proposal for Roofersost roofing contractors are using very old systems or hand written bids to submit proposals to their customers. We have designed a way to quickly fill out the information for your proposal on your computer, and then print or send to customers via email. We will design your proposal/contract based on your needs, and then send you a copy and teach you how to use it.

Whether you write your contracts on a laptop in your truck or in the office, this form will work for both scenarios. You can send a copy of the file to all of your salespeople so that you have a consistent look and feel to every proposal.

 How to Bid A Project:

  1. Simply sit down at your computer and open the file.
  2. Type in the customer's contact information.
  3. Input all of the specifics about the project including the price.
  4. Print a copy for your customer.
  5. Save the file under the customer name.
  6. Send the file by email to your customer, or print a copy and hand it to them.

It's that easy. This setup works very well for writing proposals while you are at a customer's home or office. Open your laptop and do it all right from your truck or their kitchen table. And we will teach you how to set up templates to save you even more time down the road. This is a fantastic way to save money and make your company look better.