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Advanced Security Components for Pre-2017 Sites

Since the end of 2016, we have seen a large increase in the number of hacking attempts in websites across the web. This is especially true of older sites that don't have current ongoing protections installed. As a result, RoofWebs now offers two brand-new components that will help protect and monitor your website 24/7 to help keep unwanted attacks at bay. While there is no such thing as a website that is 100% secure, giving your site tighter security can help stop common automated attacks.

We can add these components to your site:

If your site from RoofWebs was ordered before 2017, these components were not available and have not been installed. They can be installed for a small fee. Simply place your order using the link on the right of this page. Any site ordered after 2017 automatically has the two components below installed.

Four Part Coverage:

1. Monitor All Traffic:

The best way to protect your website from hacking attempts is to keep your site's administrative area and components up to date, but that is only part of the story. Employing a component that watches over your website 24/7 and actively checks all traffic for known hacking attempts is a must. Our new security components not only actively watch for attempts, they alert us through email so that we are aware of the type of attempt and where it is coming from.

2. Block All Traffic from Outside The Country:

Most hacking attempts originate from foreign IP Addresses. If all of your customers are in the United States or Canada, why allow traffic from other countries? We will set up your site to only allow traffic originating from within the U.S. and Canada to drastically reduce the chances that your site will be hacked. Geographic areas can also be adjusted if you happen to serve other areas/countries.

3. Scan & Monitor Your Site's Files Daily:

Website security is not complete without constant site monitoring so that you know that every file is supposed to be there, and that no scripts have been planted into your site that could be utilized by hackers. Our additional security features include 24/7 scanning and monitoring to ensure that if a file is somehow corrupted, an alert is issued so that the proper steps can be taken to remove it.

4. Automated Backups

The final piece of keeping your website safe is to regularly back up your clean website so that if it is damaged or destroyed in a hacking attempt, a clean copy can be restored to get your site back up and running much more quickly. If we need to restore your site from a backup, there is a charge of $59, but that is much less than building a new site.

Note: No website is 100% hack-proof. The security measures shown above are considered best practices for keeping your site more secure from the everyday attacks seen across the internet. We cannot guarantee (nor can anyone else) that your site will not be hacked while using the components listed above. But having them installed will help keep your site much more secure while providing a way back to normal following malware or damaging attack. Other fees may apply for restoring your site after a hack, and/or removing malware.