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Stop Paying For Leads That Are Also Sold To Your Competitors!

You get every lead, and we do not sell to your competitors.

RoofWebs Leads Program:

We are here to help you gain more business Most lead generation companies sell their leads to multiple companies, creating competition for their own customers. At RoofWebs we believe in investing our time in one company per area, then helping their business grow. And we never sell leads to your competitors. Call us to apply or learn more today.
  • We build a website dedicated to your company.
  • Ongoing SEO to get that site to rank better.
  • Every lead from that site only goes to you.
  • Exclusive Territories
  • Only $50 per lead.
  • No monthly fees.
  • Only $500 to get started.
  • Leads deducted from your balance.
  • We take care of every detail.
  • Simple application process


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We build a website to dominate the search rankings in your area.

You Only Pay For The Leads Generated, And Only You Get Them!

Note: We are currently accepting applications from contractors across the United States.
To apply, click the "Apply" tab above and fill out the contact form. Shortly after, we will send you a questionnaire via email.
Note: To qualify you must have been in business a minimum of five years, and maintain a customer reputation that meets our minimum requirements.

We know you have heard it all...

It's amazing how many roofing lead generation services have popped up in the last few years. It's no surprise to see that many of them have already failed and are gone. And unfortunately the contractor's money went with them. At RoofWebs, we pride ourselves on telling you the truth about the expectations for your results.

In it for the long haul:

Driving leads to your roofing company takes time. Be very skeptical of anyone who tells you that they can immediately send you leads. We designed our leads program so that it is not a flash in the pan, but will be a viable solution for our contractors for many years to come.

It's Simple and Works:

We designed our Roofing Leads program so that it integrates with your current marketing efforts without stepping on your toes. While designing our leads program we paid attention to our customer's needs to ensure that this will not only work well for roofers, but also be simple for you to get started.

The Roofwebs Leads Program is the best way to set your lead generation on autopilot so that leads continue to come in and you just set appointments and sell roofs. We use search engines to their maximum potential to provide you with the best leads possible. Our sites do not pressure potential customers, trick them into providing information, or promise them things that cannot be delivered. And the best part is that unlike other services, we never sell your leads to other companies.

Quick Process Overview:

  • Once approved, you purchase a 10-Lead Pack for $500.
  • $14.99 monthly.  NO MONTHLY FEE - Ever.
  • We build & optimize a website to dominate your area.
  • We constantly monitor and work on the site for better results.
  • We send you every lead & deduct a lead credit from your account.
  • It's that simple! Meet your new customers and sell jobs!


Pay for Results. Not Promises. 

The Best Lead Generation option for Small to Medium Sized Roofing Contractors

We think it is ridiculous that other lead generation services sell the same lead to multiple contractors. They are effectively creating more competition for their own customers.



Is My Company a Good Fit for this Program?

Most small to medium roofing companies will find our leads program an outstanding way to generate leads they wouldn't have received otherwise. A minimum requirement is that any company we work with should at least install roofs (commercial & residential) and do repairs, but we are happy to listen to your unique business model to see if we can help. An ideal company installs roofing as well as other interior/exterior remodeling services to maximize the number of leads generated from the website. As every company is different, we invite you to speak with us to find out what will work best for you.

Will You Provide Leads for Other Services We Offer?

Absolutely. Many of our customers are receiving leads for other contractor services they provide such as siding, windows, gutters, and much more. Be sure to let us know all of the services you provide so that we can incorporate those into our plans for you.

I've heard you refer to these as "Pure Leads." What does that mean?

We refer to them as pure leads for a couple of reasons. First, these leads are not generated by cold-calling or enticing anyone. Any lead you receive will be from an actual customer who went looking for a service on the internet. Then they took the time to fill out the contact form on the website. Secondly, these leads are yours. We never sell your leads to your competitors like other services do. We think it is ridiculous that they create competition for their own customers.

Do you use Pay Per Click ads on Search Engines?

Depending on the competition in your area, in some cases we may elect to use PPC ads on various search engines to generate leads for your company. In order to keep our pricing low, we try to avoid this practice, but want you to get as many leads possible. We will make this decision if we see the need to do so.

What do you mean "Lock in my area?"
This means that we will never place another Roofing Leads account in a locked-down city as long as your account is in good standing. This means that the website will be optimized for a radius around the area which you serve. In most cases, that radius extends 15-20 miles in all directions from the center of the city. We will not place a competitor in your area, but in some cases the edges of the areas may slightly overlap.

What if I work in more than one City?

If you serve more than one city you will need to discuss your needs with us. Simply ask us and we will let you know what works best.

How many Lead Credits do I get when I order?

Your initial funding is based on a 10 Pack of leads for $500. Once those are used, you will be prompted to fund your account again. All leads are $50 each regardless of the type of project.

How do you determine the radius size?

We take a few factors into consideration. Some large cities are close enough together to include them in the same account. But when large cities are just far enough apart, we will separate those cities into two accounts and reduce the radius to about 15 miles. The average radius is about 20 miles, and you may be surprised how much area that actually covers. To find out about any area, feel free to call us at 800-761-3560.

Can I lock down an entire metro area?
As long as that metro area isn't already taken, it is likely that your radius will include most of your metro area. The typical radius is 15-20 miles, and encompasses most metro areas. We use the city center of the largest city as the location, and there are very few cities in the US which would extend beyond this distance. Each case is different, however, so we invite you to call for more information about your specific area.

Can I see a list of cities that are available?
Any cities we consider open will be listed at the top of this page.

How long will it take to start getting leads?

This is the most difficult question to answer because we never know until we get started. The site for your area will take about a week and a half to customize and optimize, but search engines are always under their own timetables. We use techniques to speed up the process, and while some locations take a few weeks to start bringing in leads, others take longer. It will all depend on the competition in your area.

Do you have examples of other sites under this program?

We do not publish the identities of contractors under this program.

I currently have a website. Will you use my domain name? Should I keep my current site?

We do not use your current domain name, and you should definitely keep your current website. The two sites will run independently from one another, and you may still get residual leads from your other site. Plus your current or former customers may still have that information.

Do I own the domain name or any content from the website you are building?
No. Roofwebs maintains ownership of the domain name and the website under all circumstances. We are only selling you the leads generated by the new website.

What happens if I cancel my account or stop funding my lead account?
Once we have determined that you are no longer interested in receiving leads produced in your area, we will then offer the site to another roofing contractor in your area and change the information on the site to reflect their company attributes. Once your account is closed, it cannot be retrieved if someone else is receiving the leads from it.

Can I buy out the website?
Probably not, but this would have to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind that because we are constantly monitoring and working on the site to increase its rankings, it will be a very expensive endeavor to buy out your location.

If I have no lead credits, will I continue to receive leads?
No. These leads will go unsent until you fund your account. Any leads that have built up will become available and must be paid for once the account has been replenished. Once your account is funded again, a lead credit will be deducted for each lead that came through while you had no credits. Accounts that are not replenished after seven calendar days will be considered abandoned and we will actively search for another contractor in your area to take over the site. We reserve the right to sell unpaid leads to other contractors in your area prior to the replenishment or abandonment of your account.

How do I know how many lead credits I have left?
Each time we send you the latest lead, you will also receive an account ledger that shows all activity. It will be attached to the email or within the text of the email. You may also contact us at any time to find out the number of lead credits you have remaining.

If I cancel my account, do I get a refund?
Yes, any unused funds from your lead account will be refunded at the rate at which you purchased the credits. Keep in mind that no account can be canceled within the first year regardless of the reason. Any leads generated within that year will be deducted from your lead account balance. Setup fees and/or monthly service charges are non-refundable.

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Why Must I Apply?

At Roofwebs, we never want to sell you something you don't need or won't work for you. We ask that you apply for our Roofing Leads Program so that we can take a look at the basics of your company to ensure that you will be a good fit and have the potential of success. We must also be certain that your service area has not already been secured by another contractor.