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On our Facebook page, we have begun a series called, "Roofing Website Tips:" and will be adding all of our design tips here. When you are designing our own roofing website, these are tips from experienced designers:

Tip 1: Never link to roofing manufacturer websites. Manufacturers don't care who installs their products, so they often offer customers other options for contractors in your area. This means that you can lose potential customers by sending them to their website. Avoid linking to manufacturer sites by offering all of the information on your own site.

Tip 2: Don't get bogged down in making your site search engine friendly at the expense of customer friendliness. Beauty and functionality adds value to any roofing website, and makes you stand out. Keep your focus on the customers who are visiting your site and the rest will fall into place.

Tip 3: Be certain that your new roofing website has the ability to expand with your company. That old saying about failing to prepare absolutely holds true.

Tip 4: Blogging about every project you complete is a great way to gain ranking in search engines, and it will give your customers implied referrals from which to choose. Remember to take photos of every project so that you can systematically add more and more photos of your projects to your gallery.

Tip 5: Be sure to brag about any roofing certifications, achievements or community involvement so that customers can see that you are a company who takes their work seriously.

More tips coming as we release them on Facebook.


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