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We see offers on the internet constantly that tell us that they can get us to the number one position in search rankings for many different prices. While some of these may be legitimate, Roofwebs will tell you the complete truth. Number one positions cannot be guaranteed by anyone.

  • There is no shortcut to the top.
  • It takes work to get there.
  • It takes more work to stay there.
  • The amount of effort will depend on how much your competitors are doing to their websites.

Simple truth:

You can imagine that if you had an employee who spent all of their time working on your website, you can expect results that would outshine your competitors. This is mostly because they would be doing updates on your site constantly, adding new content every day and tracking the results. There are contractors who employ people full-time to do this, so it is definitely worth their salary to keep it up.

We made Your Site Easy to Update for a Reason:

If it were difficult to update your website, you would probably never do it. Our designs and training make it easy to make changes to your site, add new content and blogs so that you aren't deterred from doing so. If you get stuck on something or need answers, be sure to call us. We are here to help our customers, and hope you will use this valuable resource to your benefit.