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Roofing Websites and How to Conquer Search Rankings:

Although at times it seems like it, beating your competitors in search rankings isn't rocket science. And a recent update to Google's algorithm makes it a little more straightforward and levels the playing field. As it always should have been, content is king again.

An Unfed Website is a Lonely Website:

Feeding your website fresh, new content means that you are adding more and more relevant content that pertains to roofing, and pertains to the areas you work. Leaving a website static, making no changes and assuming it will bring customers is a bit like not feeding your kids and expecting them to thrive. So get in the habit of feeding your website by adding new blog posts regularly.

Make a Habit of It:

You already shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair every day. Or at least you get dressed most days, so making updates to your website shouldn't be that difficult to add to your routine. We recommend that you get in the habit of adding new content to your website at least once per week. We teach our customers how easy it is, and you can update your site with fresh new content in under ten minutes.

The Ten Minute Update:

While you are on a jobsite, you should be taking multiple photos of the progress of your projects. These can be used later to show before and after photos on your website or any other print media. Using these photos to add to your weekly blog posts will add beauty and give your readers a visual reference to your project.

We recommend that you write blog posts about absolutely every project you do. It doesn't matter how small it is, you should be writing about it. This will add roofing content (talk about gutters, etc.) and then you want to talk about the area in which you did the work. Add these items to every blog post to cover the bases.

  • Mention the city/neighborhood/etc
  • Talk about the materials used
  • Give the basics of the project (i.e. removed shingles, repaired decking, 30lb felt, etc.)
  • Talk about how it was a difficult project, but you pulled it off without cutting corners
  • Add a photo of the finished project.

If you have specific questions about your roofing blog or what to add to your website, feel free to call or email. We love to talk about this sort of thing, and once you are in the habit of updating your site, we want to hear about your successes.

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