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The great thing about roofing season is that as you sell more jobs, you will have a lot of great new content to add to your website. The problem is that you may find that you have little time to write the blog posts that make the most difference. Take a look around the Roofing Website SEO section of our site to find quick ways to update your site even when time is tight.

Quick Updates Matter:

Even small updates to your site are much better than leaving a website completely static. If it stays the same, your competitors will pass you up. This can be equated to a race, and this is one that you really want to win.

Don't forget that we can do it for you:

Be sure to ask about our weekly updates. We will automatically update your site every week so that you are getting the benefit of site updates even when you don't have time. You can email photos and information about your latest projects and we will write a blog post about it. This service is only $149 monthly... much less than the cost of paying an employee to do it for you.

I recently found that a contractor that I must have spoken to on the phone had written in a roofing forum that we believe that search engine optimization is a scam. While I see where they may have gotten that idea, it's not exactly what I meant.

Yes, there are reputable companies out there whose focus is SEO, and I'm certain that people have had good experiences with them. But there are also companies who will promise the moon and not deliver anything. Remember this: There is absolutely nothing that can (or should) take the place of good content within your website. This means that you should be constantly updating your website with good, informative content that your customers can use. Search engines will sit up and take notice.

What was the Penguin Update?

Google survives and thrives by delivering the most relevant and current content to your potential customers. Over the years, SEO experts developed methodology that allowed them to get sites ranking based several factors that were never really intended to rank your site higher. This meant that while they were getting you good rankings, it wasn't necessarily because they earned the position. They simply found a way to circumvent the system and it worked.

When Google saw the rampant overuse of these practices to gain rankings, they realized that this was not delivering the best results to the end user. So they adjusted their algorithm to check for this behavior and many, many small businesses suffered. Not only the SEO companies, but more importantly the companies who had been paying them handsomely to get those rankings in the first place.

So What Happened?

When the Penguin update algorithm went into effect, many small businesses lost their rankings overnight. Imagine that you had been paying an SEO company who had been delivering great results. So good in fact, you dropped your Yellow Page ad. Obviously since you were getting great results from the internet, dropping the Yellow Pages freed up more money to put into your site or your pocket. But what happens when the search engines correct for the abuse? You lose ranking instantly and the phone stops ringing. It happened to tens of thousands of businesses, and unfortunately the owners of those small businesses had no idea that their rankings were inflated by bad practices.

So What Can A Roofer Do?

Just like any industry on the planet, there are good businesses and bad. You will need to weed out the bad to find the good. Talk to other business owners around you to see who they trust. And don't just go with a recommendation because they are someone's friend or brother-in-law. If they are stuck in the old way of doing things, they can do more harm than good. Remember that if the person recommending an SEO company is actually using them and getting good results, there is a better chance that you will also.

Beware the Cheap Sell:

SEO is a time-consuming endeavor. I see ads all the time on the internet (and receive tons of spam emails) from people who promise to get me to the top of the rankings for under $100. This is most likely a scam. They will take your money and assume that since you have spent so little that you won't ask for it back. They are simply playing the percentages, doing very little (if anything) to help you, then moving on to the next person. But make no mistake, those dollars add up over thousands of customers, making it worthwhile for them to do so.

Final Thoughts:

I hate to think that I may have given a customer the impression that all SEO companies are scammers. It simply isn't true. But I do get calls every week from someone who has recently fired their SEO guy and are looking for recommendations. Personally I won't recommend anyone simply because a bad recommendation would reflect poorly on Roofwebs. I know there are good ones out there, and you should be aware that there are also bad one. Do your homework and be sure before you lay out any amount of cash.

Don't Stop Working On It:

Winter months are an excellent time for you to continue to update your roofing website in preparation for the busy summer season. You will emerge into the summer months with a stronger website that will be growing in the search rankings. Remember that the goal is to eventually get to the top of those rankings and remain there.

Delay Release of Content:

We all know that in most places roofing picks up in the spring and summer months, so you may have little time to continue to update your blog if you are busy working on a roof all day. Each of our roofing websites offer the ability to write content for automatic release at a future date. This means you could prepare enough blog content during the winter to be released automatically at the programmed times during the summer. This is an excellent way to keep the content on your site new and fresh, even if you wrote it months beforehand.

Ask Us Questions:

We don't have all of the answers, but we can point you in the right direction to getting your roofing site at the top of the rankings. There are many easy, common sense ways to do so and we can advise you on a course of action for your unique scenario.

Not a Time to Relax:

A well maintained roofing website that is worked on constantly will yield many more leads that a site that is left static. It takes time... don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no quick fix. There is no easy way. The work has to be done, and you can easily do it yourself or pay someone else to handle it for you.


Every Roofwebs Roofing website comes with basic training to help you understand how to run your site, add new content and update your blog. But if you really want to get your hands dirty and learn truly to unleash the power of your new site, we recommend that you take online classes from For about $25 per month you can learn everything you need to know to continue making your new roofing website better than any other in your area. There is no contract, so if you learn everything in one month, simply cancel the service. They also teach many other software names and will help you learn a great deal in a short period of time. If you would like more information, please let us know. We will be happy to explain how it works and what is included.

Roofing Websites and How to Conquer Search Rankings:

Although at times it seems like it, beating your competitors in search rankings isn't rocket science. And a recent update to Google's algorithm makes it a little more straightforward and levels the playing field. As it always should have been, content is king again.

An Unfed Website is a Lonely Website:

Feeding your website fresh, new content means that you are adding more and more relevant content that pertains to roofing, and pertains to the areas you work. Leaving a website static, making no changes and assuming it will bring customers is a bit like not feeding your kids and expecting them to thrive. So get in the habit of feeding your website by adding new blog posts regularly.

Make a Habit of It:

You already shower, brush your teeth and comb your hair every day. Or at least you get dressed most days, so making updates to your website shouldn't be that difficult to add to your routine. We recommend that you get in the habit of adding new content to your website at least once per week. We teach our customers how easy it is, and you can update your site with fresh new content in under ten minutes.

The Ten Minute Update:

While you are on a jobsite, you should be taking multiple photos of the progress of your projects. These can be used later to show before and after photos on your website or any other print media. Using these photos to add to your weekly blog posts will add beauty and give your readers a visual reference to your project.

We recommend that you write blog posts about absolutely every project you do. It doesn't matter how small it is, you should be writing about it. This will add roofing content (talk about gutters, etc.) and then you want to talk about the area in which you did the work. Add these items to every blog post to cover the bases.

  • Mention the city/neighborhood/etc
  • Talk about the materials used
  • Give the basics of the project (i.e. removed shingles, repaired decking, 30lb felt, etc.)
  • Talk about how it was a difficult project, but you pulled it off without cutting corners
  • Add a photo of the finished project.

If you have specific questions about your roofing blog or what to add to your website, feel free to call or email. We love to talk about this sort of thing, and once you are in the habit of updating your site, we want to hear about your successes.

When Customers Begin Calling Because of Your Efforts, You will Be Hooked. Keep Going.

We see offers on the internet constantly that tell us that they can get us to the number one position in search rankings for many different prices. While some of these may be legitimate, Roofwebs will tell you the complete truth. Number one positions cannot be guaranteed by anyone.

  • There is no shortcut to the top.
  • It takes work to get there.
  • It takes more work to stay there.
  • The amount of effort will depend on how much your competitors are doing to their websites.

Simple truth:

You can imagine that if you had an employee who spent all of their time working on your website, you can expect results that would outshine your competitors. This is mostly because they would be doing updates on your site constantly, adding new content every day and tracking the results. There are contractors who employ people full-time to do this, so it is definitely worth their salary to keep it up.

We made Your Site Easy to Update for a Reason:

If it were difficult to update your website, you would probably never do it. Our designs and training make it easy to make changes to your site, add new content and blogs so that you aren't deterred from doing so. If you get stuck on something or need answers, be sure to call us. We are here to help our customers, and hope you will use this valuable resource to your benefit.