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Over the last few weeks, it seems that Google has decided to change the way their Gmail services interact with business owners. Guised as an effort to reduce spam, they are blocking certain IP addresses from being able to send email to their users. As a result, we are fielding calls from many of our customers who have their business emails forwarded to their Gmail account.

Not Worth Losing Business for Convenience:

RoofWebs has always strongly suggested that you use the email built into our service with us, but many of our customers insist that their emails be forwarded to free email services because they already know how to use it. But as these third-party providers continually play with their SPAM algorithms, it is not worth losing business for convenience.

RoofWebs is happy to help you set up your email accounts to make them more convenient for you to send and receive using your email software or smartphone. See our "How to Check Your Email" page for more information, and certainly call us with questions you may have.

Gmail isn't the Only One:

You should also be aware that we have no control over how your free email account will handle your mail. Hotmail and Yahoo also have control of their own spam settings, and also use algorithms to decide what might be spam or not. These messages may not even be delivered to your spam folder. They may just be blocked altogether. This means that you have absolutely no chance of seeing the message, even if it wasn't spam. It's just not worth the chance of losing business. Use the built-in email that comes with your account.

We are Aware of the Problem:

We have been notified of the issue and know about the changes Google has made. If you are experiencing issues with your Gmail account, you will need to work with Gmail to resolve it. It is not on our end.

We Cannot Fix Gmail Problems:

If your email is not coming through on Gmail or other free email systems, we highly recommend that you change your way of receiving emails from your website. Any support of a Gmail account will have to be handled by Google. Losing a single job over their issue is not worth getting free email.

For more information, feel free to call us at 800-761-3560.