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Today's customer doesn't remember a world without the internet:

Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist launched in 1995. Doesn't seem that long ago, does it?

People in their 20's and 30's probably don't remember a world without the internet. They are your newest customer, and they search for everything on the web. They have never picked up a phone book to find anything. They know what a good website looks like and will judge your company in the blink of an eye and leave your website if it is not up to par. They have evolved from a time when it was acceptable to have a cheap website that just gave basic information. Those days are over, and if you do not update, your days are numbered. This is the generation who is now buying and renovating homes, or helping aging parents make a decision about which contractor to use. And if you don't think that your business is suffering by having an awful website, you are fooling yourself.

"Word of Mouth" is now "Word of Social Media"

Step up to 2014 Technology:

Now is the time to step up to your potential and make a move in your area to capture more business through the reinforcement of a good website. RoofWebs utilizes the latest technology combined with beauty and functionality to bring you the very best roofing website available anywhere. To see the difference, all you need to do is look at the sample sites we offer.

Don't Let Your Old Website Hurt Your Business Any Longer!

Studies show that a poorly designed website can do more harm to your business than good. Often it is the first contact that your customers have with your company, and if it doesn't accurately reflect the quality that you install, you are losing business without even knowing it. Don't take a chance on losing customers simply because they visit your website and don't like what they see.

Does your Website Reinforce Your Image or Damage it?

Customers will see your website as an extension of the quality you demand of employees and yourself. Gone are the days of having a simple website with cheap graphics and poor design. Customers re much more savvy, and want to see that you are involved with your image so that they can trust that you will complete their project in the manner they expect. They know that a contractor who doesn't care about their image in the community will not care if jobs are completed with quality and are much more likely to fail.

The Internet has Changed, But It's Not Too Late:

Over the last two years, the internet has changed more than it has stayed the same. Your website should immediately be brought up to new technology standards, and the expectations of your customers. You may have even resisted building a website all these years, or relied on one that was built many years ago, but now is the time to fix it. We don't judge anyone and are here to help bring you up to speed so that you understand more about the internet as it currently exists. And we will be around to keep up with the changes for you as they naturally evolve.

This is the Year to Make Your Mark:

We are expecting big things for our contractor clients again this year and will be increasing our efforts to bring more products and services to help each of you succeed. Here's to 2014 and moving forward past some tough economic years for contractors everywhere.


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