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Roofing Website Promotion:

Obviously we all want our websites to rank well on search engines so that more customers are organically driven to our site on a regular basis. But there are other options available. If you are having trouble ranking your roofing website on search engines, you may also want to consider using pay-per-click advertising where you compete for the top positions by paying each time your ad is clicked and a customer is sent to your website.

Managing a pay-per-click campaign can be a daunting task, and we recommend that you do your homework to maximize your efforts, track your results consistently so that you know what is working, and cancel/adjut the things that are not.

Concentrate Your Efforts:

All search engines are not created equally. Therefore you must be aware that your focus should be concentrated on the engines that provide the best results. While Bing is probably a less expensive PPC venue, they are but a small portion of the total search arena. comScore results will tell you what percentage of all searches are done on each engine:

Google: +/- 67%
Microsoft Sites (Bing, etc.): +/- 18%
Yahoo Sites: +/- 11.4%

Other Sites like AOL and others make up the balance.

Obviously your focus should be on the top three, with the greatest effort being put on Google. But don't forget about Bing and Yahoo as there are still plenty of people using them. And as Microsoft rolls out newer software, they have ways of enticing their customers to automatically search through Bing. The same applies to Google's Chrome offering.

Pay Per Click Managers:

Roofwebs can give you some great guidance on managing your PPC campaign, but you may want to hire a PPC Managing company to handle it all for you. The costs for this service range from $150 per month to astronomical figures depending on the size of your campaign. Do your research and find a company or individual you are comfortable with. And if possible, someone who is experienced with contractor's needs.