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For a long time there has been a scam whereby domain name owners are contacted via US Mail and told that their domain name is at risk of being lost. They ask you to send them money by mail in order to keep it from being lost. By sending them payment, you are inadvertantly giving them the right to take over your domain name and giving them the right to manage it for a much higher fee than normal.

Remember Where you Bought your Domain Name:

If you forget where you bought your domain name, there are a few simple tools you can use to find out. Then you should be able to contact them to find out if you owe money for your domain name. Try searching the Whois Directory to see what information it yields regarding your domain name.

Roofwebs Never Mails Bills:

If we ordered your domain name for you, you will never receive a bill by mail. We use email, and in some cases we may call you if you are at risk of losing your domain name.

If you're lost, We're Here to Help:

If you have any questions regarding the domain name for your roofing website, be sure to call and we will do what we can to help.