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Universal Truth: Video Sells

  • 72% of people are likely to purchase your product or service after watching a video. (Wharton School of Business)
  • Video on your website makes your site 6 times more likely to convert a browsing customer to a paying customer (Forrester Research)
  • 20% of web visitors will read the majority of the text but 80% will watch a video (Forrester Research).
  • Videos are 53 times more likely to come on Google's first page. (Forrester Research)

With stats like these, how can you not invest some time in online video?

We understand that producing videos for your company sounds like an expensive, time consuming task. But new technologies have made that notion a thing of the past. If you want to produce great videos for your roofing company on a budget, pick up the following items and get started. You will be surprised just how easy it is. 

Studio Look or Something more Intimate?

It stands to reason that your customers are coming to your website to get to know you better. Why not give them exactly what they are looking for. Shooting your video with you sitting at your (clean) desk will give them a more intimate look into your company. And when you are on a budget, this is a great way to get the job done.

Obviously you will want to be dressed nicely and speak clearly and concisely without rambling on. High production video can often look too posed and may come across like you are trying too hard.

What will you Need?

Camera: You no longer need an expensive high quality camera to produce video that will be perfect for your video shoot. We recommend that you pick up a Logitech c920 HD webcam that we have had amazing success with, and at under $100, you can't go wrong. This amazing little camera doesn't look like much, but the results do not lie. It plugs directly into your computer and produces crystal clear video in 1080p. This unit also has a built-in stereo microphone to pick up your voice.

Lighting: All video needs to be well lit, but keep in mind that you do not need too much light. Consider picking up some studio-style lights to provide the right amount of light for your project. Lights that bounce off of reflective umbrellas will soften the light while filling in the gaps, and can be had for just over $100. We use this kit and it works very well.

Green Screen: Although not necessary, a chromakey (green screen) can be a useful tool if you would like to customize your background a bit. Rotating photos behind the subject can be accomplished easily with the right software. And a chromakey screen is a very inexpensive way to really add a professional look to your videos. Simply hang it on a wall and shoot your subject in front of it. We recommend that you check ebay to find the right green screen to fit your space and needs.This process will also need to be well lit, so again consider the lighting kit above.

Software: There are many software option on the market that will allow you to edit video, but on a budget, use the software that comes with the camera above. Upload your video directly to youtube and their website will convert the video to the proper format automatically. We use very expensive software to pull off the green screen effects we accomplish, so consider sending your video to us for editing.

Your very first videos may seem crude, but once you get started you will begin to see the possibilities. Consider making multiple videos and throw in some location shots. We would love to discuss your videos with you, and be sure to send us some samples to look at.

Good Luck!