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When you buy a new roofing website from, it comes with free email accounts that are an extension of your domain name. This means that your email will likely flow through our server unless you have specific needs that might prevent this option. Below are a few helpful tips to keep your email safe and secure:

What Is SPAM?

SPAM is a message sent via email that is usually an unsolicited advertisement, but can also be malicious code sent to invade your computer to gather information about you, or damage it. Identity theft is at an all-time high, and internet scoundrels are using your computer to gather enough information about your banking and personal life by sending viruses and other programs that will sit silently and wait on your computer until you enter sensitive information that helps their efforts.

Do Not Post Your Email Address Openly on Your Website:

Hiding your email address from the open internet is a must these days. Countless numbers of bots are scouring the internet to find any unprotected email addresses they can find to exploit. When we design a new roofing website for a contractor, we highly recommend to our clients that they not place their email address directly onto their pages. You will notice a big increase in the number of SPAM emails you will receive after doing so.

NEVER open a .zip file attached to an Email:

Before you open any zipped file, contact the person who sent it directly to ensure that they intended to send you the email. They may be your most trusted friend, but their computer may have been hacked and they may not know that it is sending emails to all of their friends that contains the same virus their computer is infected with.

At RoofWebs, we block all zipped files from coming through our email addresses, but we leave that decision up to you where it concerns your account. If you are receiving strange emails with zipped files, they are more than an annoyance. All it takes is one slip of the mouse to open one and your computer is infected. If you would like to block certain files or emails, simply contact us and we can head them off for you. Call us at 800-761-3560 and we will be happy to help with your SPAM problem.