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Servers/Hosts are Not Created Equally:

There are enormous differences between what hosting companies offer their customers, and rarely are they created equally. We were recently asked by a customer if we could design their new roofing website, but they wanted to use their old hosting account. Up to this point, we occasionally did this for customers with varying degrees of success. Most big-name hosts simply do not offer the power to run our sites properly and it is a waste of our time to try.

The big guys with all the commercials make it sound like you don't need to spend more than a few dollars monthly to get premium hosting that will handle anything you throw at it. This is a huge lie! The big guys use a technique called "overselling." They assume that most users won't use the cpu power that our sites require, therefore limit the ability for your roofing website to serve properly to your customers. And if the sites on that server see an increase in traffic, every site and user feels it.

For this reason, RoofWebs will no longer offer support to any of our sites that have been moved to another host. We maintain our servers so that they have the ability to serve the content that we design. And this is a rare thing these days.

If you Insist:

We have done this enough to know that you will not have a good experience with other hosts, but if you simply must try it out for yourself, you will be charged (in advance) for the time it will take to move it, whether it works well or not. Any additional time will be billed accordingly as well.

Sure, you may think this is just a tactic to make extra money off our sites, so ask another web designer if all hosting is created equally. A designer who has been in business for any length of time has already run into this and will know the answer.