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A blog built into your site works better:

As there are many free options for starting a blog, these are a great way to generate leads for your roofing company. But imagine if that blog and each entry to that blog added more content to your own website, and it continually grew and enticed more search engine hits. Each Roofwebs site comes with a powerful built-in blog that is integrated with your website and the sitemap. We encourage our customers to log in as often as possible to add information about the latest project they have completed, specials they are having, or provide general information that will help their customers with roofing needs make a decision.

What Content should I Add?

We have read hundreds of roofing blogs to find out what information is being provided. One of the most effective blog entries is one that talks about recent projects. These blogs will include the city and state where the job is performed, (for search engine optimization) the project specifications, and maybe a picture or two. Don't be afraid to write in your own voice. Customers may relate to you better if they find you to be a real person.

What should I NOT Add?

While we encourage our customers to use their projects to make blog entries, we believe that you should NEVER provide a customer's name, address or contact information unless you have their written permission to do so. This is a potential safety issue that you do not want liability for.

A few other items you should not include:

  • The price or profit of the project
  • Photos that show the address or license plates of cars
  • Photos that show children
  • Customer Addresses, phone numbers or other contact info.
  • Any photos that may show items that may be enticing to thieves.

Use common sense when writing your roofing blog to be sure that you are protecting your customers and your company.