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RoofWebs FAQs

NO! Never, ever cancel your domain name. You can certainly use your own domain name with your new RoofWebs website, but you should always maintain control of your own domain. We will walk you through the steps to point your domain at your new site when the time comes.

Once you have paid for your site it is yours to do with as you please within the license constraints. This just means that you cannot make copies, sell copies, or duplicate any portion of the site. For more information, see our "copyright page."

Never. Your website is yours to do as you please as long as your site has been paid for and your hosting is current. If for some reason you are not happy with our service, simply call us and we'll try to make you a happy customer. If not, you are welcome to move your website to other hosting at any time. Note: Flexible Payment customers are locked into a one-year contract and your website cannot be moved until the end of your term unless a buyout agreement is arranged.

There is no such thing as a hack-proof website. You should be aware that ANY website can be hacked. At RoofWebs we take a two-pronged approach to security. First, we ensure that your website and our servers are using the latest security updates. Secondly, we utilize daily site and server backups (for 60 days) in an attempt to get your site up and running again as quickly as possible should a hacking attempt be successful. In rare instances, a site may be hacked beyond the point of repair. If this is the case, we will do our best to work with you to find a solution. Note: While hacking can be harmful to your website and business, they are a fact of life on the internet. RoofWebs and 5443 Media provides no warranty against hacks, nor are we responsible for their repair. Time spent repairing a hacked site will be billed at our normal hourly rate.

In most cases this is possible, but we will need to discuss your needs to be sure. An example of an acceptable exchange would be to swap the "Storm Damage Page" for a page on "Gutters." We allow it in most instances, but some pages are much more complex than others and would require pre-approval and possibly an additional fee.

Many design companies will make you sign a long-term agreement making you responsible for payments to them for 24-48 months. This will make the cost of their $300 website well over $1200! At Roofwebs, every website comes with very reasonably priced hosting that will only cost $9.99 to $14.99 a month. Always check the ongoing fees and possible long-term agreements with any web design company you do business with. Note: Some of our "Flexible Payment Option" websites do have a one-year agreement, but ultimately you will save a great deal of money over other company's roofing websites.

Yes, all of our sites have the latest technology to ensure that your website can be found and indexed properly by all search engines.

We build all of our offerings on the Joomla! Platform. Joomla! is the #1 content management system with over 35 million downloads and growing. With thousands of templates and extensions available, Joomla! gives you the power and flexibility to grow into the future. And we feel that if it is trusted by MTV, IHOP, Harvard and Citibank to power their websites, we have made the correct decision.

An extremely powerful website and a truly turn-key experience. We also throw in your company email, and customization for your company. We'll set up your site to reflect the different roofing systems you install, products you sell, and contact information. As we begin your site we will have some questions for you, so we will get in touch with you and ask for more information about your company. Roofwebs strives to maintain relationships with our customers and will always looking out for your best interest.

You can move the site once it is paid for, but we will not design the site on any other hosting platform. Not all hosting companies are created equally, and most cheap hosting is not powerful enough to run the sites we offer... Even the big guys with all of the commercials. If you intend to move your site, it will not be released until you have paid any outstanding balance for the design. This means that it will be designed on our servers and cannot be transferred until your balance is paid. If we move your site, there is a fee involved whether it works on your new hosting or not. NOTE: We do not provide support on any website that is not on our hosting as we cannot guarantee the ability of other hosting to run our robust components and websites.

You can edit your own site at any time. Unlike other roofing website options, Roofwebs gives you the ability to log-in to the back of your own website and make changes as necessary. If you don't feel like you can handle this yourself, we can train you at no extra cost. You can also find a series of videos on this site that will teach you the basics, and some advanced techniques. If you still aren't comfortable, or simply don't have time, we can make changes for you for a small fee.

Absolutely! Smartphone users can send and receive email easily with their Roofwebs Accounts. For more information on email with smartphones click the "How to Check Email" link at the bottom of any page.

Having your own company email address (which is included with Roofwebs) is extremely important for first impressions. As a general rule, it is always better to have an email address that is connected to your own website. Using free email addresses does not look professional, even if your company name is part of the email address. It gives the customer a feeling that you are fly-by-night and could simply change your email address and they would lose contact for warranty issues. If you have been using your Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account for a long time, you need to continue to check it on a regular basis as your customers might continue to try to contact you through that address even after you have your new company email. Another alternative is to contact them so they can update your email address in their address book. places no restriction on the number of email addresses you have as long as you keep your inbox clean and not allow old emails to stack up and clog up your account.

You have many options including Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. These are third-party email programs that will allow you to send and receive email directly to/from your computer. If you are on the road, you will also have access directly through your website or the front page of the RoofWebs site. Simply input your email address and password and you are taken to your inbox. You can also check email using your smartphone.

Absolutely send us your logo. If you don't have one, we can design something very basic at no extra charge. For a more extensive logo, we would have to charge for it, but we can handle almost any request. Call us for more information. We also have a logo database of most of the roofing product manufacturers and roofing associations. If we don't have it, we can usually get it. We'll also add your certifications and any logos you wish to use.

That's easy. Simply select the "Pay Deposit" button and pay for your site. Fill out the information sheet, and fax it to us. We'll do the rest. Once we get started, it is likely that you will receive several emails or phone calls from us asking specific questions about your company so that we may build your website and promote all of the products and services that you offer. You will be able to choose your email addresses, and we can walk you through the process very easily over the phone.

Sometimes, but free changes should be considered a favor and not expected. We generally don't mind making small, occasional updates for customers who are on our hosting. If your request is more involved or you have made multiple changes that we have not charged you for, we may need to charge you for the time it will take. We always quote it in advance so that you know exactly what it will cost.

Absolutely not. This is considered theft, and is subject to United States copyright law. Recently a roofing contractor found that his site's graphics had been stolen by many other roofers and used on their sites. He sued them all, and won in every case. We, as a website design company, do not condone the theft of content, nor will we be party to it. You must only use photos/graphics that you either own, or have written and notarized permission to use. The only exception to this rule is using stock graphics from manufacturers whose products you promote and install. You remain completely responsible for the content on your site. If we receive notification that you are using copyrighted materials without permission, your site will be removed immediately from our servers. We have a Zero-Tolerance policy where this is concerned.

While we generally place no bandwidth restrictions on your service, traffic increasing services are strictly prohibited while using Roofwebs servers to host your site. You will find ads all over the internet that promise to "increase your website traffic in 24 hours" or the like. In our experience these services generate fake traffic using computers from around the world to increase your bandwidth usage and generate absolutely no leads. Because these are computer generated "hits" it stands to reason that it is of no use to you or your business. If you have questions about traffic generation services, please contact us prior to signing up for Roofwebs. The average Roofwebs customer uses approximately 1% of their account bandwidth in any given month. Traffic generation services have, in the past, used 82% in as little as five days, and not generated one single lead. We have been forced to prohibit the use of them when they are used to access our servers. Subscribers in violation of this rule will be suspended until such a time as the traffic flow from such services has ceased. No refunds will be given for suspended time or unused hosting subscription time.

The success of any website depends on many factors that are beyond our control, therefore we do not guarantee that your phone will start ringing after your website is in place. Furthermore, you should also be wary of companies who claim that they will. Ultimately, it will depend on where you live, how much competition you have and the customer you serve. More and more people are using the internet as a search tool to find a roofing company, but they also use websites as a way to reinforce what you have said when they meet you in person or speak to you on the phone. Most people will follow-up your on-site visit with a quick trip to your website to get another view of your company. Websites will give them a visual overview and reference point to your dedication to quality, integrity, and to see services you may offer. It is always a good idea to point them to your website, and include it in any advertising you use.

Unfortunately due to the increase in workload that late payments cause, we have been forced to implement a strict late payment fee policy. Late Payment fees are $9.99 per occurrence. If your service is interrupted for any non-payment reason, you must pay any outstanding balance, plus a $19.99 reconnect fee prior to service being reinstated. Late payments for your domain name will require the late-payment fee, and you may be required to pay an extra year ($12.95) on your domain name.

Roofwebs uses content managed websites so that you can easily edit the content contained within your website. We did this so that you wouldn't have to spend money on a designer to add pages or change content, and we'll teach you to do it! We highly recommend that you make changes to your site on a regular basis. Fresh content is the key to ranking higher within search results. Every Roofwebs site is now very easily updated, and you can add new pages and functions to your site quickly and easily... even if you don't know much about computers.

Subscription payments will be attempted once every five days beginning on the due date. A total of three attempts will be made to draft the funds from your credit card. A failure of the third attempt will automatically suspend your hosting account, resulting in an outage of website services and email. Your payment and any late or reconnect fees must be received before your site is reinstated. An account that has been suspended for more than 7 days may be closed and site deleted from our servers. Annual payment customers have a due date on the 15th of the anniversary month of their last payment received. Accounts more than 10 days late will be suspended and then deleted after 7 days.

Absolutely not. You will know in advance of all charges that you will incur when buying a new website from Roofwebs. The first is the cost of the website and any add-ons you choose. The second is your monthly hosting of $14.99. These are the only fees unless you choose to add other services, or have large changes to make in the future. All of which will be quoted in advance.

Licensing Information

Each purchase of a RoofWebs Series website entitles you to one instance of the website on one domain name, but you may also forward multiple domain names to the one instance of the site. You are not allowed to copy or create other instances of the site on any other domain or sub-domain. Selling or distributing copies of the website or content is strictly forbidden. For more information on licensing extra copies for multiple office locations within your company, click here.